Operation Barn Owl

Operation Barn Owl a short film by Satsuki Okawa – Version Française

By Satsuki Okawa / 13 min 44 / USA / 2014 / Comedy & Drama



Ellen’s best friend Jonah wants to create a unique and picturesque proposal to his girlfriend. Banding together with a group of friends, Ellen works diligently to ensure that the meticulously planned show of affection goes off without a hitch, but issues arise along the way. Ellen must overcome her feelings for Jonah and any past promises they made to each other for the proposal to go as planned.



  • Cast : Phoebe Neidhardt (Ellen), Nick Ballard (Jonah), Jessica Clark (Ashley), Akihiro Kitamura (Kevin), Amy Okuda (Amy) & Ben Seaward (Vinc)
  • Writter : Christopher Browne, Ken Ochiai & Satsuki Okawa

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