Kismet Diner

Kismet Diner, a short film by Mark Nunneley – Version Française

By Mark Nunneley / 9 min 33 / 2014 / USA / Romance



Sometimes you have to listen with your heart… One Saturday night, midway through an impromptu concert, Laura notices a customer she hasn’t seen before with a look of complete disinterest on his face. Laura wouldn’t usually mind, but with this guy, it’s as though she wasn’t even there. Who is he? And why can’t Laura stop looking at him?



  • Cast : Ilinca Roe, Matt Kyle, Jean Paul Del Monte, Alim Jayda, Ian Chamberlain, Michael Graham-Smith
  • Writers : Mark Nunneley & Kitty Percy
  • Producers : Alex Heathcote, Kai Hsiung, David Alberts, Rebecca Sykes, Ben Curtis


Winner of Manhattan Short Festival 2013


More infos about the film :


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