FLAMINGO PRIDE a short animation film by Tomer Eshed – Version Française

By Tomer Eshed / 6 min 02 / Germany / 2011 / Animation



Frustrated being the only straight flamingo in a gay flock the hero falls in love with a lady stork that flies by. Unable to convince her of his serious intentions he isolates himself and goes through an identity crisis. An intensive encounter inspires him to do a bold move.



  • Story, Concept & Idea: Tomer Eshed and Tristian Taylor
  • Character Design: Tomer Eshed
  • Music & orchestration: Stefan Maria Schneider
  • Rigging, Rendering, R&D, Compositing, Simulations Stereo/Color Grading: Dennis Rettkowski
  • Director of Photography: Olaf Aue
  • Editing: Martin Reimers
  • Set Design: Jan Schneider
  • Costume Design: Frank Bohn
  • Sound Design: Michal Krajczok
  • Re-Recording Mix: Marian Mentrup
  • Producer: Dennis Rettkowski
  • Produced by: Tomer Eshed & Talking Animals Berlin & Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen (HFF) « Konrad Wolf » Potsdam-Babelsberg
  • Supported by: FFA & Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

More infos about the film :


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