By Emma Rozanski / 15 min / United Kingdom / 2012 / Drama



A young girl pitches her tent on her father’s grave. Her mother crams the pantry full and cuts herself off from her daughter, covering her floor in wilted funeral flowers. Mother and daughter have stopped communicating and now live separate lives, each fending for themselves as best they can. They have to learn how to live with each other after their great loss but first have to remember that they still have each other. Campers is about how people develop eccentricities to illuminate the shadow of grief.



  • Language : English
  • Cast : Ella Findlay (Tabitha), Jacqueline Mackenzie Gray (Anna), Stewart Lockwood (Pat), Terry Jermyn (Stan).
  • Writter : Emma Rozanski
  • Produced : Lynsey Stewart and Louise McElhatton
  • Director of photography : Annika Summerson
  • Film editor : Andy Morrison
  • Sound design, music and mix : Guy Fixsen
  • Production designer : Niina Topp
  • 1st assistant directors : Prano Bailey-Bond and Alice Grant
  • Production manager : Marianna Segenhout
  • Production assistant/unit : Sara Lyttle
  • Focus pullers : Lami Orekson and Harry Dibden
  • Camera assistant : Ben Taylor
  • Art assistants : Marouso Marinopoulou and Cat Cavanagh
  • Sound recordist : Guy Fixsen
  • Runner : Mark Towers
  • Stills photographer : Peter Marsden
  • Compositor : Corey Brown
  • Colourist : Mat Troughton

Director’s biography – Emma Rozanski :

Campers short film by Emma Rozanski

Emma is an Australian writer/director, whose short films collectively have been selected for over 90 festivals and won several awards. She is currently adapting a short story by Tom Lee into a feature screenplay for a UK production company and is developing two features of her own. Emma is an alumni of the Berlinale Talent Campus, the BTC Short Film Station and the TransAtlantic Talent Lab Reykjavík. In September 2013 Emma commenced her MA at Béla Tarr’s Sarajevo Film Academy.

She just finish her found dressing campaign with success for making her first feature film « Papagajka ».


Festivals & Awards

Short Film Campers by Emma Rozanski


  • Received Silver Palm at the Mexico International Film Festival 2013
  • Shortlisted for Best UK short film at the Stoke Your Fires Film Festival 2012




More info about the film on :

facebook page : Campers

Twitter: @aParticularFilm

Director’s website :

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